Jik Cheung Kung Fu Australia

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Kung Fu

Jik Cheung kung fu is a modern and practical kung fu style that is both easy to learn and apply, is appropriate for students of both sexes and all ages. Students need to be willing to dedicate both time and effort to the learning and training in basics, and in the development of a moderate level of flexibility and fitness. Jik Cheung kung fu may be enjoyed for its excellent self-defense applications as well as its health, fitness and lifestyle benefits

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and may be practiced for enjoyment, health, relaxation, self defence and exercise. One gains health and lifestyle benefits from regular Tai Chi practice.

The first aim of Tai Chi is to teach the student to relax, thus enabling the body to operate as efficiently as possible. While Tai Chi aims to gain "stillness in movement", its practice is anything but passive. It is an exacting form of exercise that contains much subtlety. We continue to learn in Tai Chi about many things, not the least about ourselves.


Cycling Club Hall
Victoria Street, Mount Gambier S.A (Australia)
Entrance off Victoria Street behind the Bowling Club and adjacent to Vansittart Park.
Classes & Session Times:
Classes run during School Terms, except Public Holidays.
Taiji & Bagua Study Group
Monday Nights 5:00 - 6:25pm
Kung Fu Senior Classes
Monday and Thursday Nights 6:30 - 8:00pm
Kung Fu Junior and Youth Classes
Junior Classes Tuesday & Thursday Nights 5.30 - 6.30pm